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  • City Pages

    Downtown Master Plan Progressing

    A new park and new street grid are some of the ideas Athenians will weigh in on next month.

  • City Pages

    Director Leaving ADDA

    Kathryn Lookofsky will be out in June after seven years as executive director of the Athens Downtown Development Authority.

  • City Pages

    ACC Rebids Jail Construction

    After questions were raised about the bidding process for a $47 million contract to renovate and expand the Clarke County Jail, ACC officials are rebidding the project.

  • City Pages

    Domestic Violence Hotline Launched

    Teens can now text Project Safe if they're victims of domestic violence.

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Stick 'Em Up

  • Stick 'Em Up

    The Ersatz Scholars of Facebook

    Social media brings out the stupid in too many people who are so sure they know everything. Of course, they don't. None of us do.

  • Stick 'Em Up

    Legitimate Truck Theft

    Republicans like Todd Akin want to turn back the clock to the 1950s, and it's going to backfire.

  • Stick 'Em Up

    Ick-fil-A and Tosh.No

    Why do Daniel Tosh and Dan Cathy fans think women and gay marriage supporters are stomping on their free-speech rights?

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World View

  • World View

    The Coming War in Mali

    Since al-Qeada is now in northern Mali, that means we’ve got to go to war in Africa.

  • World View

    Why Did They Do It?

    Sixty years ago the United States was a country whose population was overwhelmingly of white European descent.

  • World View

    Egypt: End Game

    If the coalition that ousted Mubarak doesn't stand up to the armed forces, the Egyptian revolution is dead.

  • World View

    Rio+20: How Bad Could It Get?

    When the oceans go dead, we all do.

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Bumpersticker of the Week

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Ghost Fry

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Election 2012

  • Sneak Attack

    How Big Business Wants to Shrink the Electorate

    Across the country, Republican state legislatures are passing voter ID laws to keep Democrats away from the polls and further the corporate agenda.

  • Binders Full of Ballots

    We Kept Tabs on the Candidates So You Don't Have To

    Get up to speed on local races before you do your civic duty.

  • Comment

    Get Rid of the Electoral College

    The Electoral College effectively disenfranchises tens of millions of voters, including Georgians, because they don't live in swing states.

  • Charter School Amendment

    For Students or For Profit?

    Educators fear a charter school constitutional amendment will drain money from struggling public schools and create a system segregated by race and class.

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