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Eef Barzelay, Adam Klein


The title of Clem Snide’s 2011 EP had a pretty obvious choice: Clem Snide’s Journey. It’s a literal description—the six tracks were delightfully bare acoustic covers of  Journey tunes. More than that, though, the title was an apropos pun that encapsulated a lengthy period of creative exploration for the band and its enigmatic frontman (and lone creative mainstay) Eef Barzelay. An Israeli native with a distinct baritone, Barzelay has always stayed busy. Whether penning rollicking alt-country, quirky indie-pop or delicate folk music, he sat at the helm of Clem Snide’s 11 full-lengths and its handful of EPs and also released a half-dozen albums under his own moniker, along with countless headlining tours and a 2008 support run opening for Ben Folds.


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