Easter Island Premieres Haunting “Hash” Video

When a music video succeeds not only in portraying a deep, musically rooted song but in developing a captivating story, a song becomes more than just an EP.

Easter Island’s new music video, “Hash,” is one such portrayal. Directed by the brothers Ethan and Asher Payne and premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival, the underlying music paints a background to the story of two children growing up in some sort of rural cult– and how they decided to escape it together. Filled with Easter Island’s unique dream-like sound, emphasized by synthesizers, sweet vocals and driving guitar, this music video is definitely worth your time:

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This local band is made up of vocalist Ethan Payne, pianist and vocalist Asher Payne, lead guitarist Nate Thompson, bassist Ryan Monahan and drummer Patrick Ferguson. Easter Island’s first full-length album, *Frightened*, will be released this July.