New Music Video from The Athens Band

The well-loved rock of one of Athens’ youngest bands has come out in a catchy, silly music video, “I’m Not Kissing Your Ass Today.” As always, the Athens Bands captures hearts and ears with lyrics you want to sing out the window and a wild, shredding rock that goes way beyond the band’s youthful ages.

Lead vocalist and bassist Justin Granados, 16, heads the Athens Band along with drummer Zak “Blond Blur” Smith, 17, on the drums, Chase brown, 16, with the rhythm guitar, and surprisingly crazy Beau “Monkey” Anderson, 13, on the guitar. Like any true Athens rocker, this band has unbroken energy and stylish musicianship, while retaining a spunkiness most of us lost somewhere around our first jury duty. Steve Taylor, lead guitarist for Bill Gentry of Wild Bills and the Blonz, helped produce and write “I’m Not Kissing Your Ass Today.”

Check out their new video!