Sons of Bill at the Melting Point on Apr. 17

A band of brothers began Sons of Bill in 2006 on the basis that, yes, philosophy and literature have a part in alternative-country music. James, Abe and Sam Wilson, along with Seth Green on the bass and Todd Wellons on drums, have focused their cavalier, reflective taste into their new album, *Sirens*, which will be featured at the Melting Point for Terrapin Tuesday on Tuesday, Apr. 17.

In particular interest to Athens, the University of Georgia’s Music Business Professor and former artist and producer David Lowery (Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven) produced *Sirens*. Having worked with the Counting Crows, September 67 and multiple other artists, Lowery has plenty to show from his experience as producer and co-founder of the Sound of Music Studios in Richmond, VA. Now his work with Sons of Bill premieres in Athens, including the addition of Lowery himself in the band’s Melting Point performance.

Check out Sons of Bill’s new music video from Sirens at [][1] and definitely make it out to see David Lowery and Sons of Bill at the Melting Point at Apr. 17. You might learn something.