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Titus Andronicus, The So So Glos, The Rodney Kings

Since the band’s latest album, Local Business, starts out with lyrics like “By now I think we’ve established/ That everything is inherently worthless/ And there’s nothing in the universe/ With any kind of objective purpose,” you might get the idea that Glen Rock, NJ rockers Titus Andronicus would put on a real bummer of a live show. Sure, the band, fronted by noted literature and history buff Patrick Stickles, might delve into some pretty dark material, but it’s widely known for its epic, celebratory sets. If Titus’ anthemic tunes aren’t enough to persuade you to go to this show, the bill features more punk rock goodness from Brooklyn’s So So Glos. The Glos’ latest release, Blowout!, is making waves after a recent knockout performance on “Letterman” and a rave review from Rolling Stone.