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The Heligoats, Brian Connell

Geographically speaking, it doesn’t seem like the guys from Bellingham, WA-based group The Heligoats, a quirky outfit helmed by former Troubled Hubble frontman Chris Opteka, could exist any farther away. The band’s sound, though, will seem comfortably familiar to Athenians—gentle and weird all at once. If you’re on the lookout for Heligoats tunes that are most representative of the band’s sound, check out “Sulphur, Baby” from its most recent full-length, Back to the Ache. Sure, there’s a tinge of The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle in The Heligoats’ jangle. But whereas Darnielle often waxes religious, Opteka finds solace in singing about science. Catch The Heligoats on Hull Street on Sunday. Bittersweet local folksinger Brian Connell opens.