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The Black Angels, Allah-Las, Elephant Stone



Remember when bands wore their appreciation of dog-eared Nuggets compilations on their sleeves? When lo-fi turned shitgaze? When it was thought that the Black Lips would save rock and roll? Allah-Las remember those things and kick out the jangle jams like its 2006—or 1972. The Cali quartet’s self-titled debut, released just last year, hit all the right notes with its brand of SoCal psych, which borrowed equally from garage-rocking British Invasion melodies and surf music (the bandmates are avid longboarders, naturally). Most of Allah-Las met while working at Amoeba, the venerable Los Angeles record store chain, and in the band’s music you can practically hear these dudes thumbing through old records by 13th Floor Elevators and the Electric Prunes. Taste the psych-ier side of the rainbow with stalwart headliners The Black Angels.