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Tera Melos, Zorch

A million pedals aren’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion pedals. I’m not too good at numbers, but I do know that Sacramento, CA trio Tera Melos’ spread is mind-boggling. Live, you’ll quickly see why singer-guitarist Nick Reinhart is a cult hero revered for his virtuosic combination of guitar and effects. The under-the-radar group, which formed from the ashes of the hardcore band No Regard, makes funhouse noise-rock in the vein of collaborators like Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Marnie Stern. The band recently put out its fourth (and best) album, X’ed Out. If you dig the euphoric celebration music of Fang Island, the schizoid skronk of Zach Hill’s solo stuff or anything else on the experimental L.A. label Sargent House, you’ll probably end up going batshit for Tera Melos.