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Athens Power Rankings for the Week of Nov. 4

Welcome to Athens Power Rankings. In the spirit of sports rating systems, through painstaking analysis, we rank the top movers and shakers in the Classic City each week. Who’s hot? Who’s not? Find out below.

1. Selig Enterprises (last week: N/A)

See ya. Wouldn’t wanna be ya.

2. Todd Gurley (last week: N/A)

Returning from an ankle injury that forced him to miss three-and-a-half games, the Gurley man ran for a touchdown, caught another one and made a timely first down to run out the clock and beat arch-rival Florida, kinda-sorta salvaging Georgia’s season.

3. Georgia Theatre (last week: N/A)

There’s something for everybody this week, most notably Sleigh Bells on Tuesday and the legendary Television (the upcoming Flagpole cover story) on Thursday.

4. Neutral Milk Hotel (last week: 1)

We’re still basking in the afterglow.

5. George Vernon Hudson (last week: 5)

Did you remember to turn your clocks back? Probably not, because your phone and your laptop do it automatically, but maybe you have a microwave that’s not connected to the Internet? Anyway, this is the guy who invented daylight savings time, so you can thank him for that extra hour of sleep/drinking Sunday morning.

Dropping off the list: Timi Conley, Bob Sleppy and Cinemechanica.