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Locate S,1: Personalia Review

(Captured Tracks) Christina Schneider has identified herself under many musical monikers in the past, such as Jepeto Solutions, CE Schneider Topical and Christina Schneider’s Genius Grant, but since her 2018 record release Healing Contest, you can find her creating as Locate S,1. Produced, engineered and mixed by partner and of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes, Locate S,1 is an artist who truly loves the process of writing and playing with her personal passions in mind, home-recording her music here in Athens. Her latest LP, Personalia, which dropped on Apr. 3, guides the listener through haunting reverb via her space-age pop. Elegant but discordant, Locate S,1 keenly interweaves electro-psych rock refrains and takes funky twists and turns throughout her tracklist, bending notes and dappling melodies with fairy-dusted vocals. The album, dance-inducing and club conducive, has a bubbly sound with a punk mentality of not giving a damn, forming a fizzy feeling with an uplifting trance. The jazz-inspired chord progressions have a commanding rhythm while maintaining a molten soul, separating the songs from the world at an ethereal distance. Trippy and tender, Personalia presents a multifaceted take on bedroom pop that proves Locate S,1 can’t be restrained by just one genre.