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The Dazy Chains: Illusion Confusion Review

(Independent Release) Self-described as “a psychedelic-jazzy-hard rock band,” The Dazy Chains are a new Athens outfit who shed electric sunshine on a summer in dire need of some musical magic. The band dropped their debut EP on Apr. 19, a two-track release titled Illusion Confusion, which also claims the namesake of the first song. The guitar bursts through to the forefront, delivering a crunchy, lo-fi lick with elements of prog rock laced in between a tingling trip. The drums make their entrance, reminiscent of ‘70s funk and soul, and cradle the guitar line into the vocal kickoff, brandished with classic rock confidence. From metal to marching band, several genres meld together to create one anthemic sound, celebrating the various influences brought by each individual member. The same is true of their second song, “Like a Bird,” a mellowed, post-punk piece that maintains a necessary urgent energy to propel the melody forward. Old school jangle-pop is highlighted by the fluttering guitar riffs and accented vocal harmonies, and it’s underscored by a throbbing low note that draws from the heartbeat of hardcore. Despite having cancelled their first five gigs due to COVID-19, this is only the beginning for The Dazy Chains, who promise more music to come.