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Jittery Joe’s Releases Kishi Bashi’s ‘Royal Daark’ Blend

Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

Kishi Bashi signs cans of Royal Daark

As I wandered lazily towards Hendershot’s last Saturday morning, I assumed I would be able to score a seat for the 10 a.m. performance by Kishi Bashi. As it turned out, I was lucky to be able to even squeeze through the door. Hundreds of young Athenians had turned out for the performance by the experimental musician. The show was a celebration of “Royal Daark,” a new collaboration between K. Ishibashi and Jittery Joe’s. The free coffee samples added to the attraction of the event.

There was standing room only, and townies tapped their Converse sneakers in place and enjoyed the rare opportunity to dance together on a Saturday morning. Lots of young families had come out for the event as well. One mom said she had to promise her kids that she would bring them. Her son is studying violin and adores Ishibashi. The beloved musician even invited children to sit on the stage during his performance.

“Royal Daark” is the latest offering in the Music Coffee Series, a partnership between Jittery Joe’s and the UGA Music Business Program. “We thought Kishi would be a great next partner,” Michael Ripps explained. “We love his music and its wide appeal, and he was a fan of Jittery Joe’s coffee.”

Ishibashi was excited by the idea of working with the roaster and was directly involved in creating the coffee. The blend is comprised of Ethiopia Harrar and French roasted Nicaraguan beans, and was inspired by Aram Saroyan’s one-word poem “Lighght.” The musician also created a new song for the project, and the download code for it is on the coffee cans.

Seth Hendershot and his staff were busy on Saturday.JPG

Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

Seth Hendershot and his staff were busy on Saturday

Afterwards, the coffee shop’s owner Seth Hendershot said, “I thought it was an awesome event, and it got me really invigorated about the music and arts scene here in Athens. It seems to be growing more symbiotic and inclusive lately with a really unique focus on local business.” Following his performance, Kishi Bashi signed coffee cans for a long line of fans.