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  • Democrat Says She'll Run Against Rep. Jody Hice

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    Photo Credit: Lee Becker

    Chalis Montgomery speaks at the Oconee Democrats meeting June 20.

    Chalis Montgomery, a musician and music educator from Barrow County, told the Oconee County Democratic Party Tuesday night that she intends to announce her candidacy for the 10th Congressional District seat and is seeking help in forming her campaign committee.

    Montgomery said she was motivated to challenge incumbent Republican Jody Hice in part because of her 7-year-old daughter, who has rheumatoid arthritis.

    She said she anticipated losses in her life, but “I never thought I’d look at losing the future for my child, or her friends, or my community.”


  • Daily Groceries Won't Move Into Larger 100 Prince Space After All


    Photo Credit: Smith Planning Group

    Daily Groceries Co-op had plans to move into the ground-floor retail space at the 100 Prince development slated for the former St. Joseph Catholic Church property.

    Cobbham co-op Daily Groceries has abandoned plans to move into a much larger 14,000 square-foot space in the upcoming 100 Prince mixed-use development and become a full-service grocery store, its board of directors recently informed owner/members.

    According to an email sent out over the weekend:


  • Athens Rep. Jody Hice Wants to Carry a Gun Everywhere

    Jody Hice rifle.png

    Photo Credit: screencap via YouTube

    "I said, don't touch my truck."

    If U.S. Rep. Jody Hice ever does hold a town-hall meeting in Athens, you might want to think twice about asking him any pointed questions.

    Or, you might find Hice has something of his own to point—a gun.

    On Wednesday, Hice announced that, in the wake of the shooting at the annual congressional baseball game last week, he's introduced the Congressional Personal Safety Act, which would allow congressmen to carry a firearm anywhere in the country, except the U.S. Capitol. (Some of those hearings can get a little testy, I guess.)


  • Officials Cut Daniells Bridge Extension From Plans

    Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.27.37 PM.png

    MACORTS, the regional transportation planning organization, has begun accepting public feedback on changes to its planning documents, including the removal of the controversial Daniells Bridge Road Extension and Loop 10 flyover from its long range plans.

    The first of three public meetings on the proposed changes in the planning documents will be held from 5–7 p.m. on Monday, June 26 at the Community Center in Oconee Veterans Park, 3500 Hog Mountain Road.


  • Photo Gallery: Juneteenth Celebration at the West Broad Farmers Market


    Juneteenth is an African-American holiday celebrating the emancipation of slaves in Texas—and, more broadly, across the South—on June 19, 1865.

    The Athens Land Trust marked the occasion with a celebration at its West Broad Farmers Market on Saturday morning, featuring speeches by Mokah Jasmine Johnson, Broderick Flanigan, Timothy Aaron Styles, Valarie Babb and Freda Giles; performances by Palms of Fire, the Hilsman Middle School step team, VIP Girls and the East Athens Dance Center troupe; an African fashion show, educational workshops and more.

    Flagpole contributing photographer Austin Steele documented the scene:


  • Podcast: Did Trump Violate the Constitution?

    DIC logo.png

    In this week's episode, host Marc Steiner interviews Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, who, along with his counterpart in Washington, D.C., filed a lawsuit alleging that President Trump violated the U.S. Constitution's Emoluments Clause, which prohibits U.S. leaders from accepting gifts or benefits from foreign leaders.

    Democracy in Crisis is a weekly podcast hosted by Baynard Woods and Marc Steiner, and produced and engineered by Imani Spence for The Center for Emerging Media. Theme music is by Ruby Fulton and the Rhymes with Orchestra.


  • Athens Democrat Will Run for State House

    Screenshot 2017-06-13 22.36.41.png

    A screenshot from Deborah Gonzalez's website.

    Deborah Gonzalez, an Athens attorney, has announced that she will seek the Democratic Party nomination for Georgia House District 117, which includes three Oconee County precincts.

    Regina Quick, a Republican, currently represents the 117th in the Georgia House of Representatives. Quick, also an Athens attorney, has not said if she intends to seek re-election in 2018.

    Gonzalez officially launched her campaign at Bishop Park in Athens on Saturday.


  • Sessions' Sexist Stonewalling at the Senate Hearing

    sessions testimony.jpg

    Photo Credit: Baynard Woods

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions is sworn in before testifying at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Tuesday.

    If you didn’t know, via obscure Latin etymology, that the word “testify” is related to the word “testicles,” you sure could have guessed it from watching Senate testimony pretty much any time ever, but certainly this year. (For what it’s worth in Rome, you swore on your balls to tell the truth.) 

    Back when now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in the middle of the confirmation hearings in which he seemingly perjured himself about contacts with Russian officials, Sen. Elizabeth Warren tried to read a letter Coretta Scott King wrote to the Judiciary Committee about Sessions into the congressional record. King wrote the letter in 1986, when Sessions was up for a federal judgeship. Though Sessions didn't get the post because of his racist views, the letter never made it into the record, and Warren was trying to correct that. 

    Majority Leader MItch McConnell pulled out an obscure rule to censure Warren for impugning the character of a fellow senator. McConnell uttered the now famous phrases: “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” 


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