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When the list of potential-Flagpole-things-to-be-written-about climbs as high as it has, it’s high time to do a “clear-’em-out” column. Here goes. Some of it is musical, some topical, some beerical, and some empirical… if not imperious. Somehow, I proceed…

The three most underrated bands in Athens are a good place to start, so I shall. Doubtless many of you will have your own choices, but mine are, in no particular order: 3) Magister Ludi. 2) The Vigilantes of Love. 3) 28 Days.

This is why there is no #1) and two #3)’s: no, I didn’t get hungry again this week. Seems like Vigilantes of Love may be on their way to recognition, though: I’m going to have to go shopping for another band to list here if this keeps up. It’s also germane to note that the folks in these three bands are some of the most unprepossessing in the entire Athens Music Scene.

And, on the tack of bands getting the recognition they deserve, I put in a few words for The Jody Grind. Yeah, they’ve been “discovered,” but they’re still the same nice folks they were when they started out and only played Athens and a couple other places. All that talent and they still all wear the same size hats as before…

I heard a new-to-me band this last week or two that really set me on my ear. It’s kinda hard to keep balanced that way, so I’ll mention The Bloomsbury Group. They do not get their name from a corruption of Bloomsburg, PA., by the way: none of the guys have a grandmother languishing away in Hunlock Creek, PA., either. But they are energetic and really into what they’re doing and have a fresh, positive sound: so hear them the first chance you get. These guys are out to change the world, and are doing it one note at a time. They’ll leave you feeling good, which is what music is supposed to do. Atlanta is their home base, but they play here occasionally, sometimes with Magister Ludi: if that dynamic-duo-of-a-billing occurs, go early and see them both. Tell ’em I sent you. Bands with singing drummers aren’t common; these are two. Go. You’ll thank me for twisting your arm.

I guess Gyland Cadoura has to spell his name for practically everyone. Poor guy. He’s to nice to have to spend his time on such trivia. Well, now that he’s got his own bar (with a little help from his friends), things should be easier on him. Now, he can afford to have his own personal card printed (just like the ones Flagpole made for me), and it will really have something on it to brag about. He’s got quite a nice place up the old Woolworth’s back stairs (that’s what they originally were), and 22 draft beer taps (if I counted right). He’s got Pabst Blue Ribbon, Samuel Adams Lager, Guinness Stout, Bass Ale, Harp Lager, Genesee Cream Ale, Heineken, Moosehead, Sierra Nevada Ale, Whitbread Ale, Killian’s Red, Molson Golden, Warsteiner, Carlsberg Lager, Michelob & Michelob Light, Budweiser & Bud Light, and is working on a couple others. Go check it out. The trek up the stairs will make you mucho thirsty. And, if you forget how to spell his name, it’s in the ad in the Flagpole, plus it’s always visible on the outside of the place. Just don’t go asking if Cadoura is an Italian name: it isn’t. You’ll never guess. Nope, not Finnish. Not Hungarian, either. Nor Maltese. You’ll just have to ask him. He’ll kill me for this one. No, don’t bug him: just drink his beer. Where the Cadouras come from, the beer is definitely not as good as what we drink here, especially at his place and the likes of the others in this city that are interested in raising the consciousness of their public(s).

By the way, I ALWAYS check my mnnb column for wgngfbs typos. Just thought you’d apprexw37*FZ:!y54ciate knowing.

The Globe recently received Fuller’s ESB on draft. Extra Special Bitter it is, too: voted Britain’s best in the Great British Beer Festival in 1985. Well made it is, like the liquid bread beer is supposed to be! Try one of those and follow it with a Bitburger. Two of the world’s greatest! Prosit!!Slant!!!!!

The Ga. Bar and The Globe both have received 36//on5, the new “sex beer” from Fischer of Alsace. It’s flavoured with ginger, cardamom, kola, liquorice, myrtle, ginseng, eleutherocoque, cinnamon, myrhh, and mango. It ends up sorta tasting like Hop ‘N’ Gator used to, but better. Ask your older brother or your uncle or Aunt Louise about Hop ‘N’ Gator. It was made by Pittsburgh Brewing for awhile back about 1975. 36//on5’s label peels off, along with the slightly suggestive top. This is for the adventuresome: don your pith helmet.

I wonder how many of the pro-war demonstrators would volunteer for frontline duty if contacted?

I wonder how many of the pro-peace demonstrators are registered to vote?

A couple of hard questions I feel motivated to ask. I pull no punches. Right now I need to finish this up so Dennis and I can get some sleep, but not together. After all, he has a cat that loves him. I only have Ruby, the 1973 Buick, and she sleeps outside.

Finally, go down to the end of East Clayton Street, where they’re wrecking the universe to make way for the new Athens Newspapers Building, and you’ll find Flamingo Photo. Two doors or so back west is a new store worthy of mention, Bali Imports. These folks are from somewhere in that archipelago of islands, and have some nifty stuff for sale: richly colored, hand-carved, and altogether inexpensive. Unique to Athens, too.


I’ve said it all in less space than I thought it’d take. Now to go home, pack the shampoo, go to my mother’s, and sleeeeeep. Not hungry.