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Thee Vicars

One look at the four well-dressed, mop-topped lads of Thee Vicars doesn’t suggest they’re “so garage you can park your car in them,” but British music magazine Kruger swears it’s true. Stateside, Vice lends support by declaring them “the most authentic garage-punk band this side of The Mummies.”

Those are potent words, and Athenians will have a chance to judge for themselves whether the boys are worthy when they rock the Ben’s Bikes Soul Spectacular Mar. 21 after a four-party stint at SXSW.

The Bury St. Edmunds-based foursome, consisting of the reverends Mike Whittaker, Chris Langeland, Marcus Volkert and Will Pattenden, play some mean ’60s-inspired punk rock reminiscent of a lo-fi, less tuneful Zombies, replete with wild screams, bratty Cockney vocals and what sounds like ample opportunity for go-go dancing.

It all certainly made an impact on Cool Kid Booking’s Nate Mitchell, who contacted them when he found out they had a March date with Atlanta’s Fringe Factory vintage psych-rock soiree.

“This will be the first Ben’s Bikes dance party that I have added a live band to, so I wanted to make sure it was going to be someone special, who would leave quite a lasting impression on the folks that come out,” he says. “These youngsters (are) simply bursting with youthful, rock and roll energy and putting on absolutely manic performances, like an unholy alliance of Thee Headcoats and The Mummies.”

And adding a live act to Ben’s Bikes won’t upset the dynamic. Kurt Wood and DJ Mahogany will spin all night, the Eye Gate Crew will show off their psychedelic lightshow, and Sabrina Cuadra will debut new videos from Whistling School for Boys.

“A live set from Thee Vicars will just be an extra splash of gravy on the whole thing,” he says.