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Athens Needs Passionate Leadership

Here’s my response to Pete McCommons’ dead-on Dec. 4 Pub Notes: I care.

I care about building an Athens that is a bastion of equality, prosperity and sustainability. I care to see us foster a community that is safe and welcoming to all individuals, one that addresses the issues of poverty, sexual assault and discrimination. I care about developing an Athens economy that is focused on small businesses, entrepreneurship and our workers’ best interests. I’m running for Mayor of Athens-Clarke County because I believe, I know, that Athens has the ability to be a city that all others aspire to.

Our unified government has been led into a “business as usual” stupor by uninspired leadership and tired ideas, not unlike the stagnation in Washington. We need a government that is passionate about improving our county and takes on issues with ingenuity and efficiency. A community with as much promise as Athens deserves that.

I know that sometimes taking action seems risky, and that it’s easier to play it safe, but it is time for Athens to have a mayor who will inspire, innovate and move Athens forward. I want to be that mayor for Athens, because I care and because we deserve better than more of the same.