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Drunken Mayhem on the UGA-Missouri Game Weekend

After every UGA home football game, Flagpole news intern David Schick will be checking the police blotter to find the weekend’s strangest drunken antics. Here’s the fourth installment:

Dancing in the Street, Part Three (part one and two)

A police officer noticed a man dancing in the middle of “extremely heavy” traffic on Lexington Road after Saturday’s game. He was wearing a Braves foam finger (Miley Cyrus fan?), and several vehicles were forced to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting him, causing a standstill. After being placed under arrest, he apologized several times, claiming that he was “just trying to have some fun.”

Cell Purse

A “very intoxicated” girl in a black dress was stumbling around the intersection of Washington and Lumpkin streets on Saturday night. When police made contact, they asked her where she was going, and she replied that she was waiting for a ride. She was also talking into a small pocket purse because she thought it was her cell phone. She was arrested and charged with underage possession of alcohol.

Here’s My Wallet… Bye!

Police noticed a man with an open container standing around East Clayton Street sidewalk. When they told him he could not have it outside, he apologized and asked if he could throw it away. Police asked for his ID, and he handed them his entire wallet. While opening the wallet, a friend of the suspect’s told police that his wallet had been stolen. The offender then tried to make a break for it, but was caught and arrested on charges of underage drinking and possesion of a fake ID.

Parking Deck Escapades

A group of men walking through the Hilton Garden Inn parking deck started walking in the opposite direction when they noticed a couple of patroling policemen. At first, an officer did not make contact because he thought they were leaving, but five minutes later they were back and on the second level of the parking deck.

The officer made contact with one of the men who said he was going to 100 Proof to “meet up with a girl,” and the other guys told him they would help him find the bar. The officer pointed out that there were “not any bars on the second level of the parking deck.”

The man then admitted that he was there to buy marijuana from one of the guys but got a bad feeling when they asked to use his phone. He said he felt like they were going to “roll him” for his phone and wallet.

Where’s Woodbrook?

An officer noticed a man in the front yard of a house on Ruth Street with his head and arms drawn into his shirt. The officer asked him if he was all right and saw that he had vomit on his shirt. He was asked to stand up but was very unsteady on his feet. When asked where he was going, he continued to repeat “Woodbrook.” The officer said he was unaware of a Woodbrook in Athens. The man later said he was looking for “Athens County,” and the officer informed him he was in Athens in Clarke County. After checking his ID and realizing the man was underage, the officer arrested him.

While inside the back of the police car, the suspect lay down and started kicking the window. After his feet were restrained, he started banging his head against the divider.

All information taken from Athens-Clarke County police reports.