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Drunken Mayhem on the UGA-South Carolina Game Weekend

After every UGA home football game, Flagpole news intern David Schick will be checking the police blotter to find the weekend’s funniest drunken antics. Here’s the first installment:

Cleaning off the dirt

An ACC police officer was leaving for work one morning last weekend when he heard some splashing in his apartment complex pool. He found three people skinny-dipping. When he asked if they lived there, they told him no, but their friend “Diego Sanchez” did. 

Meth goes for the hat trick

At the Rivalry Music Festival, a 23-year-old man was being patted down by security at the front entrance gate. When asked to take off his hat, two dime bags of meth fell on to the ground. Why keep it in bags? He could’ve gotten away with it if it was disguised in his hair as dandruff.

Honesty not always the best policy

A 20-year-old man was enjoying a midnight victory pee in a downtown Athens alley after the UGA game. A patrolling officer asked him for his license and he handed him a Rhode Island ID that was a “very bad fake.” The cop asked him, “Really?!” The man replied, “Yep, that’s a fake.”

Putting the lazy in Lay-Z-Shopper

A 24-year-old man, who was visiting the Lay-Z-Shopper in downtown Athens after the UGA-South Carolina game, began “urinating in between the shelves” inside the store. He went to jail.

That ain’t right, man

While writing an open container citation to a male who had crossed the street Saturday night with an open container, a random 26 year-old-man tried to intervene. “What you are doing is wrong, and that ain’t right,” said the intervening male. 

After several verbal warnings, the 26-year-old man was arrested after physically obstructing the officers. He threatened the cops and they arrested him. Obviously, that wasn’t right, man.

Playing in traffic
Police came upon a 32-year-old man lying in the middle of the intersection at Lumpkin Street and Clayton Street. Two officers instructed the man to come towards them, but the man just laughed and ran away. When the officers caught up to him, they arrested him. He then proceeded to call one of the female officers a lesbian and yelled to strangers that the police touched him on his penis.

Information taken from Athens-Clarke County police reports.