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Ruby the RabbitFoot: New as Dew

Ruby the Rabbitfoot’s latest album, New as Dew, is folk-pop at its most warm and fuzzy. Nate Nelson’s slick production and Ruby Kendrick’s soft-spoken but alarmingly beautiful voice create a perfect soundtrack for springtime. The album’s light, airy guitar and forward-driven percussion instantly bring to mind pleasant nature hikes and beach-trips of yore. In terms of sound, mood and general ability to make people smile, New as Dew is damn near perfect. 

Lyrically, though, it seems like Kendrick is either unsure of what she wants to say or not interested in attaching any sort of notable message to her strong sound. Early single “Ways,” along with deeper cuts like “Infinity” and “Killers,” have sticky-sweet hooks that make up for slightly forgettable verses. Kendrick is in the early stages of her career, so while some of her concepts seem undercooked, enough value remains to provide hope for the future.

Ultimately, New as Dew is like eating a bowl of candy for breakfast. It’s colorful, it’s fun—but it’s not quite a full meal. Though Ruby the RabbitFoot is a perfect fit for the easily accessible, slightly country-fried sound that New West and Normaltown Records specialize in, there is clear missed potential in the songwriting department. Here’s hoping her next project finds the best of both worlds.  3 out of 5.