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Glasscrafts: As In See Through Ships

It would be an oversight not to mention the length of Glasscrafts’ new record out of the gates. As In See Through Ships is something of a behemoth at 19 tracks. But don’t let that scare you away from indulging in the album’s lush soundscapes, cool vocal harmonies and almost-clean guitars, all of which brighten the mood throughout.

The guys that comprise Glasscrafts are also members of some of the more pop-friendly local acts (Tunabunny, Grass Giraffes), and AISTS shows faint echoes of these groups. Though it is an awfully long record, it is also a rewarding one, especially since everything here carries equal weight.

It’s an incredibly diverse record, and there aren’t any obvious favorites, only solid tunes throughout. If Cornershop-esque indie-pop (emphasis on “indie” here) is your bag, you’ll want to start midway through with “Prim and Proper.” Another highlight, “Mirage,” is something of an echo of ’90s alternative rock. But singer Steven Trimmer’s voice is mixed far in the back, something bands like Nada Surf would never have attempted.

Although the instrumental interludes on the album, like “Future of Eyewear,” might stretch the album a bit too far, they also do a decent job of stitching it into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, if you’ve got the time, Glasscrafts has the songs. 3 out of 5.