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Yip Deceiver: Medallius

If you’ve been paying attention to the pre-release buzz for local electro-pop duo Yip Deceiver’s debut LP, Medallius, you might be thinking, “Wait a second! Isn’t New West an alt-country label?” And, strictly speaking, you’d be right—the Austin/L.A. outfit with Athens ties has a long history of releasing material from twangsters like the Old 97’s and Steve Earle.

But the label’s decision to release Medallius, an album a long time in the making, can only be read as a testament to just how strong of a record the Athens-based group (comprised of Davey Pierce and Nicolas “Dobby” Dobbratz) has put together. To wit, the infectiously poppy pseudo-metal riff on “Go On” rivals—and maybe even puts to shame—anything Chromeo or Daft Punk have done with guitars.

Although Yip Deceiver is already pushing a strong single in “Get Strict,” a song that’s been around since 2011, the real winner on the record is “Obnoxia,” a bouncy dance number that would fit comfortably in Reptar’s catalogue if it weren’t for the heavy synths that grace the song.

“Lately I’ve been feeling too much like this town is a goddamn island/ Where people only die from sheer obnoxia/ A total lack of flavor/ It’s problematic,” sings Pierce on the track. Assuming he’s not dissing the band’s hometown, the only thing problematic about Medallius is that you haven’t heard it yet. 4 out of 5.

Yip Deceiver plays The World Famous on Friday, Sept. 13.