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Adam Green

Rumor has it that former Moldy Peach Adam Green recorded his new album, Minor Love, in an isolated, no-girls-allowed studio where he had little contact with the outside world, and after repeated listens there are no other stories that can make sense of this record. It’s as if Green just sloshed it all out on the table without regard for anything. There was no one there to check him, and he wasn’t going to check himself. From the snoozy opener, “Breaking Locks,” to his overuse of “flatulent” through to the one moment of semi-inspiration on the upbeat “What Makes Him Act So Bad,” it sometimes sounds like a bizarre on-the-spot playground mockery.

Granted, the lyrics and lore here suggest he’s been recently hurt, and everyone can relate to that. But it’s hard to feel sorry for a grown man who chooses to express himself through such self-indulgence. What’s worse is that Green is capable of at least being a very interesting songwriter. But he ultimately did have one clear moment on the record with the song “Give Them a Token,” where he sings, “Minor love can be shorn like a scarf.” A sad line, but very true.