Get to Know Athens Band Grand

Photo Credit: Kevin Turner

Members: Cody Stalvey (vocals, keys, guitar), Bean (bass, vocals), Justin Granados (drums, vocals)

Genre: “I kind of like not defining it, honestly,” says Granados. “It’s just whatever ends up happening. We’ll write a country song, and then we’ll write something more somber, hard rock, just whatever we feel like doing,” adds Stalvey.

Influences: Band members cite rock greats like U2, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin and Mother’s Finest, though a furrier influence commonly, and serendipitously, wanders into the band’s life. Bassist Bean can’t seem to say no to animals in distress—something seemingly contradictory to Grand’s rocking sound. Currently, he’s cradling a baby squirrel. “I found her yesterday just walking around where I worked, and picked her up,” says Bean. “I also have a three-legged cat. I found it, too.” In the world of Grand, this isn’t unusual. “They choose him,” Stalvey jokes.


Upcoming: After a lineup change, the band is playing its first show in five months at Vega Studio (2145 S. Milledge Ave.) on Friday, Oct. 6.