Get to Know Athens Band Sample Pilot

Members: Marshall Hansen (vocals, guitar), Ian Connolly (guitar, bass), Andrew Richardson (drums), Logan Taylor (guitar, bass)

Genre: Alternative rock, with a little surf (but “not super surfy,” Taylor stresses) and pop.

Influences: “If you say Mac DeMarco, I’m going to slap you,” Connolly warns Hansen. The group seems to agree on Radiohead, The Strokes and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Fight the Power: “We like long walks on the beach and a glass of red wine,” Connolly jokes, but the band’s endeavors have not always been so relaxing. Recording an EP at a family member’s house in Tennessee, there were technical difficulties. “Literally the hour that we started recording, the power immediately shut off for our entire estate, and we’re convinced we did it,” says Taylor. “Like, the whole neighborhood,” adds Connolly. “We blew the transfuser,” says Taylor. “Transformer,” Connolly says. “Right, we blew the transformer,” says Taylor. “Optimus Prime.”

Upcoming: Sample Pilot (formerly Swim Team) plays Nuçi’s Space on Thursday, Oct. 12.