Marc Maron Interviews David Lowery on ‘WTF’

If you’re a regular listener of Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast, you know the acerbic funnyman is quite the vinyl record collector. Those tuning in to the show’s latest installment learned that Maron is also quite the fan of Athenian and MBUS lecturer David Lowery, he of Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker fame.

On the latest episode of Maron’s podcast, Lowery says his experience teaching in UGA’s music business program has inspired him to pursue a doctorate in higher education. Unsurprisingly, the conversation turns to Lowery’s sustained critique of file-sharing and the pitfalls of digital music royalties for artists.

Of course, with Maron involved, the discussion isn’t always so serious. Lowery tells a story about committing acts of vandalism with the Meat Puppets’ Kirkwood brothers during a trip to Phoenix, and suggests that spending his formative years in Spain with his military family spurred a lifelong fascination with Spanish women.

Stream the podcast below:

If Maron’s chat with Lowery piques your interest, browse the WTF archives. There, you’ll find interviews with Patterson Hood and Jason Isbell, as well as others with strong ties to the Athens music scene.