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The LEGO Batman Movie Review

The LEGO Movie was an animated breath of fresh air that came via an idea that seemed more misguided promotion than feature film. Its sort-of sequel stars the Dark Knight, arrogantly voiced by Will Arnett with a hilarious lack of self-awareness. 

After another failed attempt by the Joker (v. Zach Galifianakis) to take over/destroy (?) Gotham City, Batman returns to his lonely life in Wayne Manor with only his butler, Alfred (v. Ralph Fiennes) to care for him. Batman’s hubris would lead to the downfall of his beloved city, if not for his new friends and family—adopted son Dick Grayson, aka Robin (v. Michael Cera), and a new Commissioner Gordon, Barbara (v. Rosario Dawson). 

Again, the animation is stunning and differentiated from its CG peers. The script may have taken five writers, but it still has brainy wit, along with enough Easter eggs to please any Bat-fan. The LEGO Movie certainly felt fresher, but Batman establishes itself in a separate, though closely connected, universe—like the toy maker’s successful video-game foray, “LEGO Dimensions.” Kids and parents should enjoy this latest Bat-venture.