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Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his crew—manager/bff E (Kevin Connolly), big brother Drama (Kevin Dillon) and former driver turned question-mark-ionaire Turtle (Jerry Ferrara)—hit the big screen less than four years after leaving HBO, and the product should be comfortingly familiar to fans of the brah-tastic show. I will admit to having watched every episode despite kind of hating myself for it by the end. 

The movie simply reminded me of why I began to dislike the show. My highest ambitions have moved beyond being super-rich with fast cars and faster women as a daily dietary requirement. In the movie, super-agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven, whose character’s elevation from supporting player to co-lead absolutely proves that less is more) is given control of a studio, so naturally he hands Vinnie a tentpole feature adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as his directorial debut. Meanwhile, Eric continues to have girl problems as on-again-off-again girlfriend Sloane prepares to deliver his baby. Drama continues to seek stardom, and Turtle woos Ronda Rousey, because why not? 

If you already like the show, you are going to like the movie; the same goes for the haters. For everyone in between, 104 minutes is a long time to sympathize with rich-people problems. Entourage succeeds at recreating the hit series, just like the first Sex and the City film. If Vinnie and the boys are luckier than Carrie and the girls, they will escape a self-desecrating sequel as awful as Sex and the City 2.