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Harsh Words, Sidekick, Strategic Warheads, Wallow in Squalor, DJ Mahogany

After three years, Harsh Words is calling it quits. Made up of Jason Griffin, Tom Needham and Brandon Page, the band was another supergroup-esque permutation of Athens’ incestuous (figuratively speaking) punk scene. Though its lifespan was short, Harsh Words produced two albums of violent, blistering rock and stands as one of the most exciting live acts in town. Needham is moving, but don’t fret: In Athens, when one punk band comes to an end, five more rise to take its place. Until then, make the most of what time you have left on this earth and let Harsh Words blow your eardrums out one last time.

[Editor’s note: This article has been edited to correct the name of one of the band’s members. He is Brandon Page, not Brandon Goss.]