Calendar Picks

Eleni Mandell, Courtney Marie Andrews

The first time Eleni Mandell played in Athens was a Caledonia gig around Thanksgiving 2000. The Los Angeles singer-songwriter was bundled up in a coat—it was late November, and the club’s heating system wasn’t working. That you could see her breath in the air made her moody, noir-tinged songs all the more enchanting. Fifteen years later, Mandell’s music has evolved: It’s lighter, more swoony and romantic and uncluttered. Her impressive catalog touches on wry classic country and sultry-crooner jazz; her 10th album, Dark Lights Up, was released two weeks back. She’ll be back at the Caledonia in the sweaty heat of summer, just as the students roll back into town. Catch the show, no coats required.

9 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18–20).