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k i d s, SoftSpot, Velocirapture, Night School

If, like most Athenians, you’ve spent at least one summer knocking around the idea of relocating to Brooklyn, perhaps you’ll find SoftSpot’s show at Caledonia this Monday illuminating; the band’s second full-length, MASS, “delves in the dichotomy of modern life in the city and the members’ Southern roots,” including those of the art-rock trio’s newest member, former Athenian (and Bambara drummer) Blaze Bateh. Singer Sarah Kinlaw coos and moans amid a dark and droning framework of heavy bass and drums and often nimble guitar, resembling a more accessible Bjork or Joanna Newsom. SoftSpot won’t bowl you over with melody or crush you under the weight of guitar fuzz. But for those keen to use music as a portal into someone else’s emotional experience, SoftSpot offers one that is both rich and singular.