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Led by guitarist/percussionist Clay Ross and accordion player Rob Curto, New York-based combo Matuto experiments with Latin rhythms, odd instrumentation and upbeat mashups. Ross spent years studying and playing various styles of jazz and world music in Charleston, SC before relocating. Shifting his focus from American styles of instrumental music to the baião rhythmic formulas of northeast Brazil, the young guitarist submerged himself in Brazilian music as a member of Cyro Baptista’s renowned percussion ensemble Beat the Donkey. Curto’s love for traditional swing, bebop and blues balanced Ross’ zeal for traditional Brazilian styles. The full-band version of Matuto—with percussionist Ze Mauricio, pianist Richie Barshay, bassist Michael Loren Lavalle and violinist Mazz Swift—is on the road this month behind its latest collection, Devil and the Diamond. The group plays Melting Point’s Terrapin Tuesday series at 7:30 p.m.