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Toro Y Moi, Classixx

A quick history lesson: Chaz Bundick, aka Toro Y Moi, crashed onto the scene in 2009 with Causers of This, a record full of the woozy ’80s vibes that would be termed “chillwave.” Bundick is the sort of elusive artist who’s completely terrified of making the same album twice, and in the time since, his output has been prolific and varied. There was a simmering sophomore LP, Underneath the Pine, which experimented with twisty prog and krautrock, and a side project called Les Sins, which flirted with body-conscious deep house. Bundick’s latest outing, Anything in Return, recasts the South Carolina native as a svelte midnight-storm Lothario, packed with future-sex sounds that synthesize ’90s R&B in lockstep with ’70s funk a la Prince and Cameo.