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Daily Groceries Adding Beer, Wine, Bread from Independent Baking Co.

Hey-o. Prince Avenue’s Daily Groceries Co-op, heretofore known for bulk bins, tasty veggies, all kinds of natural products, a well-stocked popsicle case and a fine selection of veg sandwiches, is now adding beer and wine sales.

The grocery was issued its license by Athens-Clarke County this past week, but is still working on other issues: finding distributors, picking specific beverages and, most of all, making space in its tight quarters.

Grocery manager Andy Dixon says that Daily hopes to be selling booze (not his word choice) by the end of the month. It will start with a small array of beer and no-sulfite wine, focusing on local and organic choices, per the principles of the rest of the store, plus high-test kombucha, the fizzy, sour health drink based on a mushroom culture that, technically, can have an alcohol content due to its fermentation process.

Daily is also adding bread from Independent Baking Co., starting Thursday. The Five Points-based bakery only agreed to the arrangement if it could take back leftovers at the end of the day, ensuring a fresh product to customers, so no day-old stuff will be sold. Offerings will include baguettes and four different loaves.

So, uh, you’ll be able to Omar Khayyam it up real soon.