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Beauty Everyday and Condor Chocolates Visit BMA at Home

Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

Breckyn Alexander wants BMA at Home to be “an experience store.”

In what seems like an ongoing quest to bring a little creativity and local color into the sometimes staid Five Points neighborhood, BMA at Home hosted yet another party on Thursday, Nov. 20. This time the guests of honor were other small, local businesses: beauty everyday and soon-to-open Condor Chocolates.

Kate Van Cantfort chats with Kristin Bach, one of the creators of 'beauty everyday'..JPG

Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

Kate VanCantfort chats with Kristin Bach, one of the creators of “beauty everyday”.

Rinne Allen and Kristin Bach, co-creators with Rebecca Wood of the blog and book beauty everyday, were on hand to sign copies of their compilation of images of southern and seasonal wonder. The book consists of 365 photographs of the South, ranging from a close up of a threadbare quilt to rusted barn siding to dogwoods in bloom. The book progresses through a year, starting in January with images of Athens and nearby towns.

Artist David Hale worked on a mural for Condor Chocolates next door..JPG

Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

Artist David Hale worked on a mural for Condor Chocolates next door.

Peter Dale offered up samples of the chocolates that he and his brother will be carrying at their new and much anticipated venture, Condor Chocolates. Meanwhile, Nicholas Dale was just next door working with artist David Hale to get the chocolate shop ready for its opening, which will take place sometime after Thanksgiving. The brothers’ offerings will include truffles, bars and sipping chocolate created with cacao from Ecuador, their mother’s home country and the inspiration for the shop’s name. In keeping with Dale’s love of all things regional, the sea salt used on some products will come from the coast of South Carolina.

Breckyn Alexander looks at 'beauty everyday' with Hilary and Kyle Mahoney..JPG

Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

Breckyn Alexander looks at “beauty everyday” with Hilary and Kyle Mahoney.

While the local talent on hand for the event ranged “from photography to artisanal chocolate to interiors,” the focus of these independent businesses is similar, according to BMA at Home owner Breckyn Alexander. “We want to create an experience for people.”