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Classic City Rollergirls vs. Greenville Recap

If you missed Saturday night’s matchup between our Classic City Rollergirls and the visiting Greenville Derby Dames, you’ll have to wait until next year to catch women’s flat track roller derby at the Classic Center. The 2014 season came to an end in front of a nearly sold-out crowd that witnessed some pretty memorable jamming, and an impressive yoga demo at halftime.

In her final bout with CCRG, jammer Human Missile Crisis set the tone during the evening’s very first jam. Despite failing to earn lead jammer status, she nonetheless rode Asphalt’s hip (Greenville’s jammer) around the track, forcing the visiting team to call off the jam before any points were scored. They glared at each other. Less than five minutes later, in the seventh jam of the bout, Crisis put up 19 points and Classic City led 35-3.    

Only nine skaters suited up for Greenville, but despite being outgunned, the Derby Dames refused to go quietly. Early in the second half, CCRG’s High Jinxxx, also skating in her final bout with the team, got crushed by Greenville blockers. Before Jinxxx could shake the cobwebs, Asphalt took advantage of our discombobulated jammer and closed the gap, 78-56. The home team’s lead continued to shrink. The crowd fell silent. Kru$ha left the track with what appeared to be a serious wrist injury. Was this a second-half meltdown in the making?     

Classic City was holding on to a 105-87 lead when Louis Strongarm lined up for the 21st jam of the second half. She scored 24 points in an epic two minutes, and Greenville was no longer a threat. Final score: 147-99.