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Classic City Rollergirls Doubleheader Recap


Photo Credit: T.O. Lawrence

Saturday night, if you had picked the right entrance at the Classic Center, you’d be rewarded with the chance to crash a small, hopeful wedding before dodging a large contingent of tandem bicycle enthusiasts from around the world attending a mixer in the hallway. Evidently these narrow, two walled spaces can be leased. For your next awkward event.

Finally, in a ballroom that wasn’t hosting a high school graduation ceremony, there was roller derby.

In the evening’s first matchup, Savannah’s Hostess City Hellions didn’t have an answer for the speed, quickness and tenacity of our Bad News B jammers, namely one BadAsh Booher. The diminutive skater couples the perfect combination of strength and finesse with the unique ability to draw high blocks from the opposition—a skill set that should see her on a Classic City Rollergirl roster in the not so futuristic future. The home team, with a roster admittedly a bit stacked with veteran talent for a true “B” level squad, was able to stave off a late Hellions rally and come away with a 156-126 victory.  

The main event commenced shortly after 8:30 p.m. and the second National Anthem of the night. Two weeks removed from a second-half meltdown in Atlanta during which CCRG all but gift-wrapped a victory to the Jukes of Hazzard, the best team finally won. With an Atlanta roster featuring two Classic City expatriates (2013 team captain Mosh-ya Brady and blocker Ida Backoff) in prominent roles, the 194-123 dismantling of the Jukes must have been especially satisfying for CCRG. Jammers avoided the penalty box. Pivot play was exceptional. Blockers smeared anything in red. It was a total team effort.

Next up, the Classic City Rollergirls will be the heavy underdog when they travel to Huntsville, AL to take on the Dixie Derby Girls Saturday, June 7.