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Classic City Rollergirls vs. Chattanooga Recap


It was a tale of two halves at the Classic Center Saturday. Fueled by a seemingly never-ending stream of power jams, the visiting team from Chattanooga jumped out to a comfortable first-half lead. The Classic City Rollergirls collected too many penalties, while their opponent’s strong three jammer rotation of Rocket Kitty, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Gisele Bludgeon took advantage of the unforced errors en route to a 64-15 lead before CCRG made strategic adjustments.  

Enter Super Smash Fro. Earlier in the week, the standout skater, who spent most of 2013 benched with injuries, was named to the prestigious 2014 Team Georgia squad. With the match slipping away from CCRG, she lined up in the jammer position and plowed her way to the hometown team’s first ten point jam of the evening, narrowing the gap to 67-25, advantage Chattanooga. The crowd went nuts. Unfortunately, CCRG was unable to sustain the momentum and went into halftime down 97-52.

The second half started with High Jinxxx picking up lead jammer status and four quick points before smartly calling off the jam. A few minutes into the half, Louis Strongarm, later named MVP Jammer, had the strongest jam of any Classic City skater, picking up 15 hard-earned points. Fans furiously stomped the bleachers. The bars sold more Pabst. Chattanooga’s big lead was evaporating.  

Unfortunately, it was another episode of too little, too late with the furious rally from our hometown team falling just short, with the final score Chattanooga 170, Classic City 139.

CCRG will participate in the six-team Low Down Throw Down Saturday May 3rd in Augusta, GA.