On the Rise: Watch a New Video from Mothers

Over the past several months, singer-songwriter Kristine Leschper—a.k.a. Mothers—has firmly established herself as one of Athens music’s most essential new acts. Armed with only her formidable voice and one stringed instrument or another, Leschper crafts spare, striking folk tunes that often call to mind Angel Olsen at her most quietly devastating. 

Below, check out a video of Leschper performing a new tune, “Get Around.” The mandolin-powered song, like most of Mothers’ output, bobs and weaves before ultimately landing with a crushing emotional left hook. “Tell me when you’ve had enough,” she sings, more dare than reassurance.

Leschper tells Flagpole she is currently working on a debut EP, Nesting Behavior, which she hopes to have available by fall.

Mothers plays the “Sinky Dey Mayo Moose Sack Fest” at Tlaloc on Monday, May 5.