Muuy Biien

Lineup: Joshua Evans, Gerry Green, Jon Crandall, Xander Witt. Shares members with: O O O, Green Gerry, TaterZandra, Gyps. Influences: The Fall, Bill Hicks, Burzum, Black Flag, Black Sabbath.

Joshua Evans has his high school math teacher to thank for inspiring Muuy Biien. Although Evans dropped out of school in 2010 due to “unforeseen circumstances,” before he left his teacher gave him a four-track… and Evans has been recording ever since. Muuy Biien began as a solo, ambient/noise project, and all the sounds you hear on the record were written, performed, recorded and mixed by Evans. The problem, says Evans, is that the experience didn’t translate live. He found performing “shitty ambient sets with pedals and samplers” to be a bore, so he got together a band and decided to draw on his punk rock roots for inspiration instead.

“When I was in the fourth grade, I bought Static Age by the Misfits,” says Evans, “which to me is the greatest record of all time… I remember my dad hating it. He was really into Pantera, as was I, but the fact that he hated it made me so proud. I’d found my shit, you know? So, punk rock just stuck. I have learned everything I know from punk rock.”

So, if you saw a solo Muuy Biien set, it’s time to revisit the band because Evans has taken things into an entirely new direction. The new Muuy Biien offers propulsive, classic-sounding punk rock with a sort of lo-fi garage aesthetic that’s rebellious, raw and as far form boring as you can get.

Later this spring or early summer, Muuy Biien will release 300 vinyl pressings of its new EP, Knife Fights. If you need a preview, you can download the album for free You can also find “videos, downloads and random shit” at

Next show: Mar. 8 @ Caledonia Lounge