Free Tomorrow

Lineup: Taylor Griffith, Robert “Freestyle” Martinez, Nick Price, Bain Griffith, Ryan Harris, Chris Gustin.

This six-piece has two frontmen of sorts, the melodic vocals of Taylor Griffith mingling with what Freestyle refers to as his own “high-concept, intellectual hip-hop-style vocals.” Free Tomorrow also offers unique instrumentation, with keys and guitar weaving between Gustin’s five-string electric violin.
When asked to sum up the band’s sound in three words, “no genre unconquered” is what Freestyle offers up. He says, “In just a single set, songs will range from dance-pop to harder rock. You’ll hear some old-school hip-hop flows and even some pronounced melodic indie jams.”
He also insists this band is best appreciated live. He promises a high-energy set that, unlike many other hip-hop-oriented groups, also features a live drummer and full-band setup.
Free Tomorrow has studio tracks, photos, live videos and a full bio available for perusal over at

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