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Lineup: Andrea DeMarcus, Danny Gorbachov, Stephen Gorbachov, Asia Meana, Elias Meana, Josh Wendling. Shares members with: Cicada Rhythm, Nuclear Spring, Firework Child, And Friends. Influences: “From the music made by the folksters of olde to the folk music of our modern day peers, friends and family.”

The brothers Gorbachov are long-time friends with Meana siblings, and the foursome started collaborating with DeMarcus and Wendling here in Athens this past summer. Danny describes the band as “serious about not being taken too seriously,” and their psychedelic folk songs are underscored with a sense of humor (the blues tune “I Shit Gold” is a prime example). So far, the group has a 10-song demo for your listening pleasure, and there are plans for an EP to come out by the new year with a full-length to follow in the spring. You can learn more at

Next show: Wednesday, Dec. 28 @ Flicker Theatre & Bar


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