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What Cheer? Brigade, Timmy and the Tumblers, Mouser

What Cheer? Brigade is a big band—not necessarily in the Top 40/multi-platinum lunchbox sense, but in that the group boasts 19 people, all playing large brass instruments. A marching band of sorts from Providence, RI, the Brigade trashes the clichéd Lady Gaga medleys plaguing high school and college football fields and brings to life the audible worlds of New Orleans and Bollywood with masses of brass badness. Having released only one LP since its 2005 inception, the band focuses on live performances—sonic parties that could never be wholly captured on record, anyway. The novemdectet often infiltrates the audience, leading conga lines under bass drums and going absolutely nuts. Considering Farm’s imminent demise, what better way to bid farewell than with horns a-blaring?