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Broken Water, Tunabunny, Shade

Don’t worry, noise lovers: since shacking up with the folks over at Hardly Art, a subsidiary of Sub Pop, Broken Water has retained its rough edges and post-hardcore roots. The Olympia, WA trio may have spent a considerable amount of its existence with bizarro labels like Night People, Perennial and Baltimore’s scruffiest post-grunge imprint, Fan Death, but Tempest, the group’s second proper LP, proves its sole interest remains gritty urbanism a la art-rock gods like Sonic Youth and Unwound. Tracks like “Thread to Connect” and “River Under Water” wade in an aquatic murk of lo-fi effects, brooding guitar melodies and soot-covered surfaces that foils the unscathed vocals. Raucous tracks like “Underground” and “Drown” create a tempest (ha) of weathered beauty, attesting to the band’s multifaceted take on grunge revivalism.