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Kevin Greenspon

Kevin Greenspon might just be the hardest working man in experimental music. The Los Angeles-based producer started making his pleasantly abrasive, wistfully sublime ambient sounds in 2008 and has already managed to release more than 35 cassettes, records, CD-Rs and DVD-Rs on a staggering array of labels, including Monorail Trespassing, Gold Timers and Nihil Underground, all while boasting an average of 100 live sets each year and running his hyper-diverse Bridgetown Records imprint. Greenspon rolls through Athens as part of a much larger five-month tour in support of the recent To Leave a Mark tape. Locals Wild of Night, The Tree That Climbs Itself, Mans Trash and The Electric Nature share the bill.

10 p.m. 706-546-5609


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