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The Casket Girls, Ponderosa, Velocirapture

What happens when Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Ryan Graveface stumbles upon two sisters in a Savannah square, playing bizarro autoharp tunes for the general public? He saunters up to the ladies and asks them to start a band, of course. The resulting threesome, The Casket Girls, is a rather dark project born of Graveface’s love of The Shangri-Las and Phaedra and Elsa Greene’s love of writing lyrics about such topics as embracing death. On their debut album, Sleepwalking, bandmembers present a dark, murky take on ’60s girl-group pop without taking themselves so seriously that it ruins the fun. Wrapped in the Greene sisters’ sense of humor, The Casket Girls’ grim qualities feel much more like mischief than melancholy.