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Leslie and the Ly’s

Leslie & the Ly’s

Midwestern diva Leslie Hall redefines “bling” with her satirical hip-hop outfit Leslie and the Lys. Decked out in her trademark gold stretchy pants, oversized grandma glasses and blonde bouffant, Hall has been bedazzling audiences across the country with songs about crafting, dancing and staying hydrated.

“Hand me my glow sticks,” she purrs on “Hydrate Jirate” off her latest album, Destination Friendship, “Mama wants to jiggle.”

Since her debut song, “Gold Pants,” became an Internet sensation in 2005, Hall has built a multi-faceted empire around her signature look and style. Want to dress like Leslie and the Lys? She’ll make you a custom pair of stretchy pants (made out of “high-performance spandex and designed with high-frequency dance and lady bouncing in mind”), available exclusively at The celebrated gem sweater collector also opened up her famous mobile Gem Sweater Museum—which doubles as The Ly’s tour bus—as a wedding destination in her home state of Iowa.

“From the third state that allows gay marriages comes a wonderful opportunity from the maker of Leslie & the Ly’s and Midwest Diva Stretchy Pants,” she writes online. “Why not seal the deal with your special person in Iowa with Leslie and one of her unique wedding packages?”

And while fans in Athens may not have the opportunity to get hitched at the Caledonia, rest assured this entrepreneur is still bringing the original goods. Expect a hilarious set of jams that’ll strip away your insecurities so you can wear it tight and shake it hard.

Opening acts Pennyhawk and Ramona & the Swimsuits share members with Leslie and the Lys (Hall herself drums for Pennyhawk), and all acts share a love for costuming and comedy. Feel free to join in on the fun: spandex and gem sweaters are highly encouraged.