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Essential Apps to Make College Life a Little Easier

There’s no doubt that technology makes college more convenient than ever, but in particular, taking advantage of helpful apps can streamline your organization, research and life in general. Here are a few every student should consider downloading.

Study Tools

Google Drive (iOS/Android): Keep, edit and share your files, photos, visuals and more with this free Google app and never worry about losing your paper or project.

Dropbox (iOS/Android): Geared more towards businesses but useful for group class projects, Dropbox offers secure data backup and easy file sharing.

Scribd (iOS/Android): Subscribe monthly for access to millions of books and audiobooks that can help you find the best material for your research or leisure.

EasyBib (iOS/Android): A citation generator that takes away part of the stress of research papers, EasyBib is checked by librarians and teachers, has all the citation styles and is as easy as scanning a barcode. (iOS/Android): Are you like the president and have all the best words? If not, you could use a dictionary.

Oxford Dictionary (iOS/Android): A dictionary to make you feel a little fancier.

Resume Star (iOS) and My Resume Builder (Android): Resume formatters that can help you personalize and target your resume for the perfect internship or job.

Evernote (iOS/Android): Organize notes across devices, share ideas and photos, easily save clippings from the web—“your second brain.”

GroupMe (iOS/Android): Stay up-to-date with your besties, your family or your group project partners.

DuoLingo (iOS/Android): A daily language-learning app. Spend a few minutes a day on fun exercises to keep you one step ahead of the class.

Quizlet (iOS/Android) and Brainscape (iOS/Android): For simple, clear-cut flashcards without having to carry a big stack of cards, try Quizlet. For more personalized, cognitive science-based flashcard help, try Brainscape.

iStudiez (iOS/Android): A calendar for the hyper-organized.


Life Hacks (iOS/Android): Simplify the news you take in. Let weed out the junk you don’t want, and get streamlined news about the things you care about.

Venmo (iOS/Android): You’ll be going out a lot this fall. Whether it’s restaurants, bars or shopping, you’ll wind up owing a friend money or going in on a bunch of tickets to a show. Venmo lets you easily send payments to friends or remind them that they owe you for last week’s movie.

Mint (iOS/Android): It’s never too early to be financially wise! Create a budget, study your spending habits, track bills and even view your credit score with Mint.

Headspace (iOS/Android): Classes, studying, your social life—it’s hard to get a moment to yourself sometimes. Headspace is a daily meditation app that can help you focus your mind and relieve stress in short sessions.

Companion (iOS/Android) and Circle of Six (iOS/Android): Sometimes you find yourself walking home alone, or you go to a party and it isn’t an atmosphere you feel safe in. Whatever the scenario, apps like Companion and Circle of Six can keep an eye on you when you feel vulnerable. Companion will virtually walk you home, with a friend or authorities ready to call at the push of a button or if you haven’t reached your destination on time. Circle of Six lets you preset your six closest friends or family and alert them with two taps on your phone that you need to talk or need to be picked up immediately.

Clockwork Tomato (Android) and Focus Keeper (iOS): A great way to focus for the easily distracted or the common procrastinator. Based on the Pomodoro Technique, these apps will take your big tasks or projects and break them into smaller segments of time: 25 minutes of work and then a five-minute break. Four work sessions earns you a longer break.