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Does Rep. Regina Quick Get a Pass on Gun Vote?

Are you going to comment on Ms. Quick’s capitulation to the NRA? Just what we need—armed students, teachers, people in church, etc.?

You may remember the lady in the school who talked the gunman out of doing what he intended to do. When that story was prominent in the news, I saw an NBC interview with a former FBI hostage negotiated commenting on that case. He was asked his opinion of having teachers armed. He was decidedly opposed for this reason: If a teacher or anyone else fired a single shot, that would definitely precipitate a fire fight, the one thing you want to prevent. What we need are adults in the schools like the lady who talked the shooter out of a mass killing, not a bunch of amateurs with guns who have the ability to set off a deadly rampage.  

So, what will Flagpole say about our favorite “liberal” Republican representative whom it endorsed? Will Flagpole endorse her reelection now? If so, do you know where where the majority in Athens—I mean liberals—can find a local progressive press? How many more tea partiers do we need to get Athens’ representatives admitted to Georgia’s pantheon of the trigger-happy racists that govern our state? Should we just humor the gun nuts because you think Quick is Flagpole‘s kind of conservative who should represent the most liberal city in Georgia? I say that compromising on the least offensive Republican by a liberal press is a capitulation to the right wing—a shameful loser. I hope you think seriously about the children that Ms. Quick and her ilk are endangering with this gun madness. 

Summing up, does Gina Quick get a pass on this one?