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Walmart Sells Semi-automatics

I hope the Walmart protesters notice that Walmart, while removing the Bushmaster—the semi-automatic used by the Newtown, CT mass murderer—from its Internet sales format, still sells that abomination in its stores.  Shouldn’t the outrage over Walmart’s child exploitation in poor nations and insulting labor practices here at home also extend to its sale of guns that are not needed for hunting or personal protection? Isn’t this a greater moral issue than those that have drawn public ire toward this amoral business?  

I hope our community can muster the energy to condemn this company for  profiting from the sale of weapons that have been used time and time again to slaughter innocent citizens, now including our nation’s children.  Let Walmart know that the citizens of our community will boycott and picket if necessary as long as it sells these assault weapons knowing that they are the favorite weapon of mass murderers and equally insane gun nuts who somehow glean a second amendment right to own and market this unacceptable means of mass destruction.